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The Protectfit Dirtproof Bright Range is for the stylish-yet-prone-to-getting-dirty-on-the-weekend person. The covers keep the mud and grime off your seat, is quick to remove and dispose of if you should really make a mess, otherwise shake it off and go again!

  • Covers pull neatly over the head rest and then pulled down to cover seat.
  • Elasticized at the bottom front, the cover has ample length to fit all sized car front seats.
  • Elasticized at the back and down the sides, the cover is held in place easily, but also quick and easy to remove once you get home.

We like you when you're dirty.

Big plans this weekend? ProtectFit will be there to protect your car seat from whatever muck you manage to get covered in. ProtectFit disposable seat covers were developed with the super active person in mind. Our disposable, lightweight and comfortable seat covers are easy to put on and take off, because we know that you are not going to cope with anything more complicated.

Keep sand out of uncomfortable crevices.

Even if you have great seat covers keeping sand out of all those nooks and cranys is a challenge. The slip on cover will make cleanup easier than ever before when you get home from a day at the surf.

Suddenly stuck and it all went down hill.

Hitting the mud tracks is great but someimtes you find yourself in a really messy recovery you just didn't expect. The ProtectFit cover can be sotred in your glove box ready to be pulled out when you get yourself muddier than expecting giving you one less clean up job when you get home.


Is my ProtectFit seat cover an alternative to a normal seat cover?

No, it is not. ProtectFit seat covers are for intermittent use only. The have been developed for the trip home after the beach, swimming, gym, mountain bike ride or whatever other activity has you wet and/or dirty.

Is my ProtectFit seat cover in pink, blue or green 100% waterproof?

No it is not. These seat covers are for those who sweat a little or who need to keep dirt, grime, oils or self-tanning product off their car seats. The material is highly water resistant though and when used in conjuction with a goog quality seat cover will keep you seats dry.

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