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Sniper LED Light Bar

"There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to lighting solutions in Australia and the Assassin lightbars standout. From light output to build quality, these light bars exceed all expectations. The choice to be equipped with OSRAM OSLON high-flux LED's make this bar stand out." - Jamie
Virtually constant light output even at high application temperatures
Equipped with state-of-the-art chip and packaging technology and a ceramic converter, this new LED product from the famous Oslon series is a high-performance light source for automotive applications.
  • high light output even at high currents,
  • uniform distribution of light,
  • thermal stability
  • particularly good contrast for seeing and being seen.

Light sources for front lighting have to be multi-talented. Not only do they have to illuminate the road ahead reliably in rain and fog and at night, they have to perform various functions providing spread, spot and mid range light. At the same time, they have to withstand high temperatures.  

High luminous flux even at high temperatures

The new Assassin LED bar contains a UX:3 chip that delivers high light output at high currents. The Oslon LED by Osram can achieve optimum lumen output – despite an application temperature of 100°C in the chip. Thermal management is much simpler with this new LED. This is thanks to the greater thermal stability of the luminous flux even under “hot” application conditions and also to a new temperature-optimized packaging process. This LED is thermal matched to the expansion of the metal core board. All these properties makes the Assassin light bar particularly stable and extremely durable (more than 100,000 hours at 700 mA and a chip temperature of 60°C).

High quality of light for better visibility

The Oslon LED was developed in Regensburg and has been designed to function without a coating lens, its light LED can therefore be set very close to focal lense. Its luminance (In other words what the human eye perceives as the brightness of a particular surface) is 2 to 5 times higher than comparable LEDs in its class.

“This is particularly important in automotive forward lighting solutions, the greater the luminance of the LED, the smaller the external lens and the smaller the space needed. Therefore the Assassin light bar can be made much more compact, giving designers much more freedom.” - Jamie
Built for Australian Conditions
“A common complaint we hear in regards to LED light bars is fogging. Nature abhors a vacumn, When the LED is performing at a peak level the internal temperature of the LED light bar creates pressure, As the Light bar cools a vacumn is formed.” - Jamie
The Assassin light bar allows nature to work by letting the light bar breathe through a moisture trap. This valve has been engineered to allow air to pass through while trapping water and moister preventing humidity inside the housing. As a result the light bar will not form fogging or water droplets inside the housing.