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CLIP ON LED Camp Lights


Robust, light weight and low current draw

Don't wait to break your lights next time you are camping, you can take action now with this robust Australian made aluminium pole with a built in LED camp light strip.
JTS Sunshine Coast: 1300 377 128
Available in Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green
This ultra bright LED camp light strip has been built here in Australia, into a strong aluminium extrusion that not only allows it to be placed practically anywhere in the camp site but also protects the light when bouncing along heavy corrugations or off road tracks. After all some of Australia's best camp sites are the ones that are the hardest to get to.

One light and a million solutions no wonder it was designed and built here in Australia AT JTS !!!! .

Bugs in your food can spoil the perfect camp meal and are a real pain while you are trying to cook, buzzing around your light they get in the way. This LED Camp light strip has a full amber color mode to help stop this from happening. If the bugs are crazy thick it even has a dimming function to give you complete control of your cooking environment.