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Power Easy BCDC 20 IGN MKII Zoom

Power Easy BCDC 20 IGN MKII

The Power Easy Mk II with built in DC-DC Charger  is a portable battery solution that gives you the options and ticks all the boxes.

The unit features 2 Cig sockets, a DIN socket, 2 Anderson plugs, external positive and negative posts a dual USB outlet and a digital voltmeter. Not only does it feature all of this it is constructed using the correct size of wiring and each socket has its own fuse. The Power Easy box can house a 120ah battery making it one of the biggest portable battery boxes on the market. The JTS Power Easy is proudly made in Australia. Having the Redarc DC-DC charger built in makes it the most advanced portable battery pack on the market and means that your battery can be charged to its full potential when your on the move. The unit can become a simple to fit Dual Battery System for any vehicle! 

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Product Description


The JTS Power Easy range are portable battery solutions that give you more options than ever before.

Available in three formats:

  • Mark 2 110aH
  • BCDC20 IGN
  • Compact 70aH
  • 1225 Dual

The Power Easy BCDC20 Dual battery box range features nearly every gadget hole you could imagine:

  • 2 X cigarette lighter socket
  • 2 X Anderson plugs out
  • 1 X Merit (DIN) Socket
  • 1 X Red Anderson dedicated solar input
  • 1 X Anderson DC (Car) Charge input
  • Twin USB Socket
  • External positive and negative posts
  • AND a digital voltmeter.

Not only does it feature all of this it is constructed the way you would expect from a JTS Australian Built product. The correct size of wiring is critical for safety, longevity protection of your gear. Commonly in imported products the gauge of wiring used is just not up to standard.

The JTS team use quality sourced wire with each socket independently fused. The Power Easy box will house up to a 120ah battery making it one of the biggest portable battery boxes on the market. The Lead Crystal 110aH is the perfect partner for the Power Easy 1225 Dual

How to we keep the start battery fresh? If you are a regular at duel battery systems you can skip this part knowing that the Power Easy BCDC system as a 20amp Redarc built into the box.

How does it work?

With all your accessories running hard off the power easy battery box you want to ensure your start battery will turn your engine over without a seconds thought. Built into the Power Easy BCDC20 Dual system is a neat little box buit by Redarc International that detects when the engine is not running.

This box then cut power to the start battery, isolator you auxiliary and making sure that no matter how hard you run your gear there is no drain at all on the starting battery.

The REDARC BCDC1220 is a 12V 20A In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger. It features the REDARC In-vehicle charging technology. The Power Easy BCDC20 is suitable for both LV and non LV systems making it suitable for Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Prado and practically anything else.

Lets go over that again

Lets take a minute to break all that down:

  • Fits 100 to 120 amp hour AGM battery
  • External positive & negative studs
  • 5 accessory sockets, merit, cig’s and Anderson plug 
  • Built in Redarc DC-DC Charger
  • 1 x Hella/Merit/DIN Socket New and Improved digital volt meter – shows battery life instantly 
  • Dual 2amp USB for Smart Phones, Tablets and USB devices 
  • Two Anderson plugs for charging as you drive or for plugging in compressor or solar Each socket individually fused – easy to replace 
  • Purpose built by Jamie to suit all 4wders and outdoor enthusiast's every need 
  •  Circuit breaker resettable for extra safety 
  • All wiring suits minimum 40A – 150A 6mm – 8B+S Tried and tested in boats, camper trailers and 4WD’s, commonly used as a backup battery. 
  • Great for 4wds without dual batteries 
  • AGM or fully seand batteries are reccommended

Base Dimensions;

  • Length: 345mm
  • Width: 198mm

Outer Dimensions;

  • Length: 410mm
  • Width: 230mm
  • Height: 290mm

Inner Dimensions (Maximum Battery Size);

  • Length: 345mm
  • Width: 195mm
  • Height: 215mm


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